Getting Over It

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Getting Over It is a platform-overcoming game to test your controlling skills. Can you climb over a range of obstacles and get a surprising reward? There are many surprises ahead through getting over it world record, the game walkthrough, and getting over it scratch. Are you ready to experience it?

Getting Over It World Record

Getting Over It world record is the outstanding achievement of the talented players participating in this challenging game. There are many different records and shares. If you are interested in leading players, you have 2 ways to check.

The first way is to search the Internet where you can find the shares of these players. It is clear to see the playing process and the player's achievements. In the following sections, we also provide some information about these players. Let's look forward to it!

The second way will give you a summary of the top players. Before clicking on the New Game, see the World Record section in the upper right corner. Here, you can see the shortest time the leader of the leaderboard is holding. To see more achievements, click on it and a leaderboard will appear. This leaderboard consists of 25 players with names and completion times. Becoming a member of this leaderboard is the desire of many players. However, not everyone can do it.

Currently, the best achievement belongs to Strike113537 with 0'51 minutes. He was followed by 2 other talented players, Misc1234 with 0'53 minutes and scratch1q with 0'56 minutes. What an admirable achievement! If you want to achieve these results like them, let’s start now and show your abilities!

Getting Over It Speedrun

Getting Over It Speedrun shares with you the peak play process of Blastbolt the Bolt. These shares become greater and greater by shortening the playing time. The special thing is that these shares are interested by many players. Getting Over It Sppedrun's videos often get hundreds of thousands or millions of views. The most prominent is the video recording of the 1'02 minute gameplay in 2021 with 8.3 million views.

These shares are always updated with time and achievements. The main proof is the video with a record of 1:00.152 minutes recorded 3 weeks ago. This is the video marking the highest achievement in the past 5 years of the Getting Over It Speedrun. Blastbolt the Bolt's efforts will always be recognized by everyone, especially the fan community of this adventure game.

Markiplier and Pewdiepie

Markiplier and Pewdiepie are two other well-known players who have shared their Getting Over It process on social media. You can easily find it with keywords like markiplier getting over it or pewdiepie getting over it. The most accurate suggestions will be displayed immediately on your screen.

Markiplier is a celebrity YouTuber who started his career in 2012. He played this getting game 2 times and every time the game drove him unbelievably with challenges. The situation is similar for Pewdiepie who is also a renowned YouTuber with huge subscriptions. The game made him angry, mad, frustrated, wanted to give up, and then rekindled his will to fight. All the emotions seem to appear when you play this Getting Over It game. It's interesting!

Getting Over It Rage

Getting Over It Rage is a common emotion among players when playing this game. Feel normal when you feel angry while playing this challenging game. It's not by you. It's due to the game. It is true that almost all players feel the same way. The reason is the game's unique gameplay and moves, which you can learn more about in the next section.

The Game Walkthrough

The game walkthrough will guide you on the way to completing the challenges and map of the Getting Over It game. There are many surprises and difficulties for you when joining this online game. Therefore, this section will be useful for you. After that, your hard work will be rewarded with well-deserved rewards.

The Main Gameplay

The main gameplay is not complex. However, it's extremely important in order to finish this moving game. You need to master basic principles and rules. It will help you avoid risks and increase the winning rate.

The basic rule for you is to move your character to the destination of the map to win. However, it's never easy, especially with weird moving games like Getting Over It. Your main character will sit in a pot and cannot move with his legs. Your task is to move him with the hammer in his hand. You can move this hammer very flexibly. Move forward, turn backward, lift upwards, or push downwards. When the hammer makes contact with other objects, it will create a push to help you move in the desired direction.

It can be a bit confusing. So, let's follow the example below to make this moving way clear. For example, when you use the hammer to hook on a fixed object in front, pull and use this pull to move forward. Conversely, if you want to go backward, push yourself backward instead of pulling. This move will be very varied and flexible depending on how you use the hammer.

Besides, there is a note for you about the gameplay of this Getting Over It game. Arm and hammer lengths vary. Although it's not significantly changed, it helps you a lot to reach objects in the distance. Remember to learn how to use this change to make the move easier!

How to control: Slide your MOUSE to play the game.

Map Structure You Have To Face

Map structure you have to face is another feature of this challenging game. The way of movement can surprise you from the very first moment. Then, the map will make you go from one surprise to another. Why do you say that? Find out now!

The map of Getting Over It is designed in a novel way. It is not roads or platforms. Instead, there are a variety of different items appearing. They are arranged on top of each other to form treacherous paths. You might see tables, chairs, giant apples, or receivers. Or even, encountering rocks floating in the air is nothing new.

The random arrangement of objects makes the game even more thrilling. They can form high mountains of objects or cliffs to challenge players. Besides, it is scary in the face of steep rocky gorges. Don't think it's okay to just move forward. Sometimes, you need to move even back there. Why? Play and you will know!

The map of this Getting Over It game has no checkpoints. It means you cannot go back to your position of failure. However, your character does not lose health or be damaged by any obstacles. Therefore, this is not too important. It only poses a lot of risks when you are climbing high places. If you do fall, the previous climb may be completely lost. This is also what makes many players attracted because they keep falling into the same position forever.

However, looking at the map as a whole, this climbing game can be divided into 3 different stages.

Basic Game Stages

Basic game stages are not easy to distinguish. It's just an approximation to make it easier for you to visualize the map and the difficulties of this over-platform game.

  • Stage 1 begins when you start the game. It extends from that location to the first mountain of objects. During this period, you will not face many difficulties.
  • Stage 2 starts from the foothills of Stage 1. There are many barriers introduced in this second stage. It is normal when you encounter a series of items stacked on top of each other to form vertical cliffs or ravines. Besides, what caught the attention of many players the most are the brooms or the houses. They are perched on the cliffs. They create very unique terrains.
  • Stage 3 will begin when you reach the Bad Ending, the most challenging obstacle of the Getting Over It game. These obstacles are like grills, so you can easily get stuck.

With such simple 3 stages, this game has been conquering every player because it can bring new and fascinating experiences. Through the basic details of the map and stage, we can also see some of this. If you want to understand better, the best way for you is to visit and start the game.

Getting Over It Ending

Getting Over It Ending contains a secret behind it after you complete the game. The information below can spoil with an ending and reward. You should consider this before reading. You have 3 seconds to think. 1...2...3...end. Continuing or stopping depends on your decision.

How will this game end? Where is the last point on the map? As you play, you can notice the terrain of the game getting higher and higher. The terrain will gradually increase with each step you take. In the beginning, you are simply climbing to the tops of the mountains, but then it is up into the sky and out into space. This is the end of the Getting Over It game when you reach outer space. At this moment, you will move uncontrollably with the appearance of endings. When this happens, you'll know right away.

This adventure game will give a surprise prize to players who complete the challenge. Before claiming the reward, the game will reconfirm with you again about receiving the bonus. Don't forget to enter your name to receive it.

Getting Over It's ending reward is a group chat. You are surprised, right? This chat group is where successful players are brought in. You can message, connect, and share the information you want with other players. All the players who came to this chat group for the first time are surprised and welcomed by other players. It is also common sense because few players would have expected such a unique award. It becomes more special when you work very hard and go through a lot of emotions to win this award.

Of course, you can start the game again when you want. And, something even more special appeared. A Getting Over It golden pot is for players who can complete this video game 50 times. Your pot will become more and more golden with each success. On the 50th time, it will officially become a golden pot.

Getting Over It Scratch

Getting Over It Scratch is a new version of this arcade game. Coming to this volume, you can still experience the previous features. However, there are also many changes. The most obvious change is the main character and map of the scratch version. You will transform into a golden cat. A pot and a hammer are indispensable. The obstacles also change the arrangements. Besides, the graphics of the scratch game are also designed more funny to create attraction. No longer the dark green background of the original version, the new version is designed with a white background. Standing out on that background, there are obstacles with eye-catching colors such as yellow, red, and green. You will enjoy this new feature.

The scratch edition is the product of Griffpatch. This version offers easier challenges. It has also been simplified to accommodate more players. Here, we have answered some frequently asked problems regarding this version of Getting Over It.

Online Unblocked Version

All versions of this game are online versions on our website. You can visit our website and experience the game for free. Besides, worries about permission in some specific areas such as schools and universities are all solved thanks to the unblocked version. This feature is integrated into the edition of our website.

The freeness is also an advantage of the game to reach many players around the world.

Getting Over It Apk

Getting Over It apk is not available here. You can play on the online platform. It is more convenient for you to experience the online version as you can play anywhere and anytime with your smart device.