Climb Over It

17 votes 2.8/5

Climb Over It is a fun and addictive skill game with the challenge of moving and climbing slopes with a big hammer instead of feet. Take the man with the Italian mustache across uneven terrain.

Image of the main character of the game

Like many games of the same genre that use moving objects instead of legs and people sitting in pots, this game has a change in the appearance of the character as well as the interface of the challenges that you need to overcome. The inspiration for the main character of this game is the image of a man with an Italian mustache. This type of mustache was a stereotype for Italian men in the late 19th century. The trend of wearing mustaches like two split hairs and curls at the ends was very popular and there were awards for people. best beard. Therefore, this is the idea for the main character of this game.

How to play the game Climb Over It

Use logical movements to rotate that hammer and move forward. Collect gems on the way to open new levels. The game has 3 worlds. Each world has different challenges and the difficulty level will gradually get harder. Unlock them and experience how difficult it is.

This game is great for strengthening your arms as it requires fast movement control to avoid slipping after you reach the top of the hill. Sometimes you will feel quite inhibited during the game, but most games with such genre make you like that, the difference of the games is the terrain and control. So pay attention and focus on the game's controls to make the right moves so it doesn't take too long to move back.