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Join the pet battle in Dogod.io

Survive a variety of pet animals in Dogod.io. Control your dog to eat food to grow stronger, upgrade weapons to attack opponents before they kill you.

A multiplayer PVP game where you have to collect food, open chests for coins to increase your score and kill other players for more accumulation points. Unlock and upgrade hundreds of weapons to protect yourself against opponents bigger than you. In the store there are more than 50 pets, skins, headgear and cosmetics that you can freely unlock to collect.

Complete the objectives that the game requires in each match. Continue to gain Score, Kill and Food Parts for each kill. Each goal is completed, you will get more money. Try to exceed the target compared to the target to unlock more money items. The more money the item has, the more confidence you can kill your opponent, and you don't have to hide from all the opponents around like when you were just a new dog.

In this huge deathmatch arena, be the king of dogs. Become the most experienced dog and possess the ultimate weapon that everyone must fear.

Why should you play Dogod.io?

  • Some features, such as the weather forecast and the clock, can be found in the top right corner of the game.
  • Unlock hundreds of weapons, kill opponents, collect food to increase points and collect chests to earn coins.
  • Over 50 cosmetics, skins, headgear and pets are available to unlock.
  • You can play the game on widescreen for better experience.
  • Some special features when you are high level. Experience to know those secret features.

Special Features

The feature that not all games have is to directly invite friends to play. Share with friends to play with the yellow key on the top left of the screen.

How to control Dogod.io game

MOUSE to Move your character