Like A King

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Like A King Introduction

Join the battle for territory in Like A King. Build a powerful empire and attack enemy territory to win. Lead your troops to attack your opponent before they do the same.

You have an ambition to take over someone else's territory and make it your own. Start with a small house, build and upgrade them to be stronger and start attacking. Once you've prepared with a solid goal, immediately attack your opponent's territory before they do the same to you.

To finish occupying a certain land, you need to win five battles with your opponent. Continually build houses to house your soldiers so that opponents can't hit your territory. Select the positions where you want to lead your troops to fight the opponent's army. But note that, choose houses with more troops, stronger to fight opponents. Do not choose your own army less, weaker than the opponent's army.

After winning a match, you will receive a small gift from the chest, the gifts are randomly distributed in your inventory. Carefully read the parameters of that bonus and use them effectively.

Build your empire and expand your territory. Completing five wins with your opponent can expand your army into new territory. In turn, you will take over the whole world and no one can match you.

How to control

Select the base location and click on it. Draw a line from your army position to the opponent's army position.