Smash Karts

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Race the kart in Smash Karts!

Race with characters from Smash Karts. Start the fight with other opponents, move to the secret box to receive weapons to destroy opponents.

In this game, you drive a special kart and use wweapon to kill the enemies. Win multiple matches to level up and unlock new characters.

When you win any match, you will receive a reward of money, unlocking new characters. You can choose, renew the characters you receive to increase the richness and innovation of your game.

Specifically about the game Smash Karts

At the beginning of the game, you will join any number of opponents on a road. Move your go-kart around the roads and destroy other opponents. There will be mysterious boxes waiting for you and you should collect it to increase the power to bombard other karts. You can only collect 1 secret box and must use it before you can collect another secret box. Avoid clashing with your opponent, or being pushed to the side of the road by your opponent, which is to your detriment. And watch out for the red lights, which are bombs, stay away from it and avoid falling into water or lava. Let your character win the battle with these karts.