Murder Mafia

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Assassination in Murder Mafia

Murder Mafia is a game taken from the successful original game Murder. In this version of Mafia, you need to successfully assassinate the first Mafia to become the next Mafia.

Following the success of the original Murder game, you can now experience the new version of Murder with new situations in Mafia. The assassination of the first leader and subsequent Mafia successor. Whether or not your lifespan will last until the end of your life is unpredictable because even if you become a Mafia person, many others will still find a way to assassinate you and fulfill that dark dream.

First successful Mafia assassination

The Mafia position is watched by many people, not just you. However, to become a Mafia, you must successfully assassinate and not be detected by the first Mafia. Take advantage of the moment he ignores your guard, kill him and you will become the next Mafia.

Be wary of other suspicious people

After becoming the next Mafia successor. Do you think you are at peace with this position? No, because there are many other people who are also eyeing this powerful Mafia position. They will follow you and wait for you to let your guard down and strike. If you don't want anyone to successfully assassinate you, you must observe every move of the people following you. Catch them red-handed trying to assassinate you and put them in jail. Try to keep this position for the rest of your life.

Achieve the highest achievements

Trying not to let anyone approach you with intent to assassinate is not a good way to get a high score. Sometimes you need to let some people reach you, but absolutely not the people who are planning to assassinate you. Sometimes a seducer, psychological manipulator, ect. Try every case to find out and get the highest reward points.