Car Japking Jam

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Free the car in the parking lot

Car Japking Jam liberates cars parked in the parking lot. There are too many cars in the parking lot and need to release them from the parking lot.

The cars are not placed neatly, not in rows and are arranged very chaotically. The consequence of leaving the car untidy is that the car cannot get out of the parking lot on its own. They need you to give them a hand to help them get out of the parking lot.

The best strategy to free cars

The cars are parked in the parking lot in many locations. Your job is to take the cars that can easily exit the parking lot first, then the cars in the back parking lot. Because if you don't clear the cars around the edge of the parking lot, you won't be able to move the cars inside.

Controls the direction of the cars

Cars can be taken out of the parking lot in the direction you instruct. It can be forward or backward as long as there are no obstacles blocking them from leaving the parking lot. After you have freed the cars at the edges of the parking lot, you will easily free the cars inside.

Be careful of obstacles

Some obstacles can prevent you from freeing your vehicle, such as trash cans and parking bars. At that time, temporarily ignore the cars near those locations and move to locations that can easily move out of the parking lot.

For each freed car you will receive $5, the more cars you have and free them all, the more money you will receive. You can use that money to buy a new car, or choose one of the mysterious cars to perform for the upcoming mission.