Dead Again

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Defend yourself against the evil demons in Dead Again

Defend yourself against the onslaught of evil demons in Dead Again. Become a brave warrior before the battle filled with demons. Shoot the demons before you run out of ammo and they tear you apart.

You seem to be the only warrior left in the hordes of demons. Can't do anything but destroy them before they eat you. You can only go around according to the available campus and can't do anything but wait for the demons to come and destroy them. Walk around the premises and if you see a wooden door, that's your way out. Shoot the gun at the door to go to another campus. Be on the lookout for the demons that come up from the ground constantly attacking you. And pay attention to how much ammo you have. If you run out of ammo when you can't kill all the demons, go around avoiding them and find the gun icon, cannon, ... it will automatically resupply you. However, ammo is limited so you need to have the right strategy to not get killed by the demons.

Note, even if you have reached a certain level, if you accidentally get eaten by the demons, you will have to play from the beginning to reach the current level. This takes your time, so have the right strategy.

How to move

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Mouse to aim and fire
  • Press R or SPACE to reload you weapon

FAQ of Dead Again

What platforms can I play on?

Derived from the version on Google Play 2020. The original game is downloadable only. Now it has been improved in the online version. You do not need to download, but directly play at our website on both phones and computers. This improvement has saved your phone loading time and space. On our site you can play every game with a wide range of genres, Getting Over It stands out as one of our best. Please experience and rate it.

What tips should I keep in mind?

Exercise extreme caution at every corner of the map

Use your ammunition efficiently

Additional ammunition is hidden on the maps

One shotgun can knock down many opponents