Google Snake

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Google Snake takes you back to your childhood game. Help the snake eat more fruit to increase its size. Don't touch the wall or your body while eating fruit.

Help snakes grow into adults

An adult snake can be several meters long and to do so, it needs to be well fed. Unlike the real animal world, snakes eat all animals smaller than themselves, but in this game, the snake only needs to eat fruit to become an adult. The snake is placed in a frame and it can only move around that frame. Food will be added after it has finished eating the fruit placed in a random position in the frame.

Eating fruit

There are many types of fruit for you to choose from to make food for your snake. It can be apple, grape, banana, pineapple, ect, it's up to your choice. These fruits are not given in large quantities, only one fruit is given at a time, and after eating that fruit, another fruit appears but is placed in a different position. Move to where the fruits are placed, they will be granted until you stop the game.

Avoid crashing into walls and biting yourself

This is a game that stops when your snake has grown until its size fills the frame and there is no more space to grow in size. However, to mature as long as possible, you should remember to avoid crashing into walls and biting yourself if you don't want the game to stop. Just one small mistake will cause the game to end and you will have to start from the beginning.

Games associated with childhood

The pioneer of this game is famous for playing it in old Nokia phones. When playing this game, it reminds us of the snake game on old Nokia phones. This is also a classic game, the highlight that Nokia phones dominated the market for a time in the 2000s. Love these games. Such a classic game, you can also refer to Cut The Rope to review your memories.