Cut The Rope

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Play with the funny frog in Cut The Rope

Feed the frog candy in Cut The Rope. Cut the ropes holding the sweets before the frog screams. Collect enough three stars to complete a level.

At each level, the giant, sweet Candy is trapped by the rope, so you have to cut the rope and drop the candies near Om Nom's mouth. After successful completion, you will proceed to the next level.

Cut the ropes holding the candy in the correct order and collect all 3 stars, then feed Om Nom. You have to cut the rope at the right time so that it falls in the right direction. Some of the obstacles such as bubbles, cushions, .. are not necessarily bad but if used correctly will be a step to success.

The game has 3 seasons, each season includes 6 mysterious cardboard boxes. The number of stars you collect is the number of points you will open another box. And in each one there will be 30 mini-games. The levels will be challenges that you need to answer. The questions will become more and more difficult, requiring you to use quick thinking to solve the puzzle. The game has no hints, so it depends entirely on your thinking ability.

How to control

Use mouse to play