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Incredibox is a player-generated online music creation game. It provides creativity for players to compose their own music by controlling beatboxers.

Selection of music icons

The game starts with a set of beatboxers without clothes, meaning they don't make any sounds and you need to select the sound icons below and attach them to the beatboxers for them to make sounds. bar. Each different sound element will have many different symbols. When these sound symbols are placed on the beatboxers, they will immediately wear clothes and these clothes are not the same.

The choice of which musical elements to add or not use depends on the player's preferences. You can also choose when to use audio elements or when to use audio elements to create a unique recording your way in many different styles such as hiphop, electronic, ect .

The most special features of this game

Highlights from beatboxers

In contrast to self-designed games for players with different tools or forms, in this game, the beatboxers are the sound elements instead of regular musical instruments. Each one will represent a different audio element such as beat, melody, effects, vocals, ect. Drag and drop different sound symbols onto the beatboxers to create various sounds and they will create a unique sound combination.

Record and share finished products

One of the unique things that makes this game is recording the audio recording you want. Use that recording to share with many others to admire the results you created. Show your own unique recordings to us and let more people know about your musical aesthetic.