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Play mechanics in Woodoku

Woodoku is an entertaining game that is not too colorful in terms of graphics but it still attracts players. Conquer and get the highest score you can earn.

Before your eyes is a chess board with many different squares. This is the frame containing the squares above. You will be given three square blocks of any shape and put them on the board. Your task is to create a straight line horizontally or vertically from the squares you have placed in the frame.

The square shapes are given

There are three different shapes given for one turn. It can come in many shapes such as L-shaped, T-shaped, one square, nine squares, or three to five squares arranged in horizontal or vertical rows. It's impossible to change the shape as you want, so try to arrange the squares neatly into the frame to create straight lines or have room to accommodate other squares.

Unlimited time

The game will end when you have nowhere left to store the required square below. Therefore, how long the game can last depends on your playing style. Because the game is not timed, you can think about placing the squares anywhere in the frame.

Play strategy to increase score

Creating double lines helps you multiply your points. Some pretty good strategies that many good players often follow is to create as many double lines as possible. It can be horizontal or vertical depending on the player's placement of the assigned squares. We highly appreciate people who have such a strategy rather than creating a normal single line, and this also proves that you have a pretty sharp mind.

It can be said that this game is highly appreciated in applying the player's thinking and intelligence. It exploits intelligence thoroughly, helping players be more sensitive in choosing the right positions for squares and creating many double lines. Don't hesitate to experience it now, players who love intelligence!