Foot Chinko

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Come to Foot Chinko, kick the ball the Japanese Pachinko way. Kick the ball into the field and try to score by passing the keeper. Become the best soccer team.

Inspiration for the game Foot Chinko

A normal football game makes you feel bored, then try a new style of football in the style of Pachinko. This is a fairly popular game genre in Japan, its attraction makes it even an entertainment industry called Pachinko.

Way to play the game Foot Chinko

At first, you will associate it with a Pinball game. And this game works like that. Shoot the soccer ball into the field to make it move around the field, objects in the field will cause the ball to move irregularly and when the ball moves to a member of your team, take advantage of the slight gap when the goalkeeper is moving back and forth with his own goal kicking the ball into the net. Kicking the ball into the net is not a simple matter, many times the opponent goalkeeper catches your ball and kicks it back to the field, try again.

The game will become more and more difficult when there are members of the opposing team and obstacles that do not let the ball down simply. However, its attractive gameplay makes you not feel it is difficult at all. Let the ball run as naturally as possible.

I am sure you will love this new style of football. If you haven't tried this Foot Chinko game yet, what are you waiting for?