Getting Over It 2

30 votes 3.5/5

Getting Over It 2 takes you to a different way of climbing. Use a pickaxe to climb mountains instead of feet. Score many points and collect the gold coins. One of the games on the same topic as the above game, Getting Over It is a priority suggestion. It has a newer version with a yellow cat sitting in a pot and moving through objects and food to climb to the top with a hammer.

Special character in the journey of climbing

The journey to the top of the mountain is a difficult one for everyone. Even healthy young men cannot climb easily. But this game, our main character is an old man, surprisingly. The old man wanted to show off his skills to prove to everyone that even an old man like him could climb the mountain, which everyone thought was impossible. Because, in his old age, he should have been in a nursing home, having fun with friends in the hospital. But this old man wants to do what he wants to do, which is mountain climbing.

Overcoming challenges in Getting Over It 2

The old man cannot fulfill his wish alone, he needs your help. It all depends on your ability to reach the climbing record for how many meters. To climb from one rock to another, you need to hold the Mouse, create momentum for the old man to turn the pickaxe and jump forward. If the distance from one cliff to another is far, try to stand on one rock and then switch to another, otherwise you will fall again. The old man is quite impulsive and impatient, normally he cannot stand still on the cliff but always bounces to quickly climb another cliff, you have to reassure him if you do not want to fall yourself.

Total points received

Set your own record in the journey to the top of the mountain with no finish line with pickaxes and old characters. Score as many points as you can and collect gold coins along the way. Collecting gold coins is not in vain. They can be used in your purchase to continue with the points you previously earned, or else you will have to roll back to 0.

Collect gold coins

Each time you climb up, you get one point. However, the gold coins usually do not appear too much. Try to collect it to reward yourself. The old man heard that gold coins appeared very high in the sky. One of the reasons that the old man defied the mountain was also because of these gold coins. Help him climb and achieve that goal. In addition, you can also use the gold coins you have collected to continue your unfinished climbing journey, otherwise you will have to start from the beginning.

How to move

Use left mouse to move the pickaxe. Hold down the mouse to move the pickaxe non-stop. Change the climb point by moving the mouse to the left/right you want.