Mineblock Adventure

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Help Steve reach the finish line safely in Mineblock Adventure

Join Steve on a challenging road trip in Mineblock Adventure. Move along the path full of obstacles and traps. Help the main character go through or dodge them to reach the finish line.

The game inspired by the famous Minecraft. Help Steve walk to the finish line. In the journey to his destination, the character encounters many obstacles that make it impossible for him to do them alone. So he needs a companion to help him reach the finish line faster.

Along the way, you may encounter obstacles like zombies, monsters, strange creatures, ect, they will kill you instantly, you can jump over or step on them. At the same time, you also need to control the steps so that you do not fall down the wall. You can only move on surfaces.

While going, you must quickly reach the destination in a maximum time of 100 seconds. Complete before the allotted time to move to a new level or not complete and have to play again until you get it right.

Levels in the game

There are six levels you need to do. The levels place different locations and obstacles. It requires you to take certain steps and do them correctly within the time allowed. Don't rush to practice when hitting obstacles or falling off the road causing you to turn around from the beginning. You don't have much time to do it again, do you?