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Specifically about the game QWOP

Walking with athletes during the Olympic Games in QWOP. This is quite a difficult game even though it has very few drivers. Moving the athlete to the finish line is your task.

The Olympics are going on and the current sport is running. Your task is to control our main character to help the athlete control his leg muscles individually to walk to the finish line.

The game is quite simple because there is no competition with any athletes or time constraints. Simply bring the athlete to the finish line. Many people have looked down on it since they just opened the game, but they don't know how difficult it is to actually start the game.

The least failed migration method

Many people have tried many ways, but all are not more than 10m to lose. Therefore, I present to you a method that can help you reach the finish line with 100m more simply. The method is called "Knee Hopping".

To start the race, press and hold W to squeeze the left thigh. One leg will reach straight forward and the other foot in the back. Use the W key until the back knee touches the ground. Press Q to pull the back leg up, repeatedly press the W key to move. Alternate between the Q and W keys to move. At the 50 meter mark, you can keep the split position, knock down the obstacle and push it to the finish line to complete the task.


Q,W to thighs

O,P to calves

Some more info


Bennett Foddy is the developer for this game. And Getting Over It is also one of those games that are multiplayer and experienced a lot. Thinking about the author, he is someone who likes to create games that require meticulousness and patience. The impatient person is not suitable for this game but if you want to practice calmly then this is the best choice.

Game difficulty level

Your job is to control the athlete to the finish line and the distance to the finish is very close. But to bring him back is a difficult task and few people can complete this task. You have to use a lot of control and direction of the leg movement to not fall. This game is rated quite difficult for many players. At the same time, this is not a game for the impatient.