Stickman Hook

40 votes 3.7/5

Swing with the stickman to the finish line in Stickman Hook

Go with the stickman to overcome the challenge to the finish line in Stickman Hook. Go through hundreds of levels with this fun stickman. Notice the angles and direction of rotation for a spectacular finish.

Our brave stickman is swinging on a rope to reach the finish line. Navigate the stickman to the finish line in a spectacular way. At the beginning of the game, you are a highly elastic dot, the surrounding buoys help you bounce in the air, creating momentum for the stickman to move. The hooks are designed to give you the momentum to move forward. Swinging in the opposite direction of the other hooks to move through the air will build momentum with faster flight speeds to the finish line. Draw the best path and speed to get to the next hook.

Character innovation in Stickman Hook

The game has a total of more than 150 levels. Each level has a different level of challenge and each level you need to have a strategy to move to the spectacular destination, or simplify the moves, bring the stickman to the finish line without much effort. When you reach a certain level, you will unlock new characters. You can use new characters to increase the entertainment of the game. In addition, you can also choose non-stick characters to play. They have no requirements to unlock, so you are free to choose.