Knock Em All

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Become a great shooter in Knock Em All

Play Knock Em All to test your shooting skills with challenges when using balls as bullets. You have the task of shooting down the wooden targets that are moving towards you with the gun that shoots the ball. Take multiple levels to become a master ball shooter and upgrade your weapons to new heights.

The 3D ball shooting game is quite attractive with vibrant colors that keep you hooked in the game. The task of shooting the ball at the right wooden person will certainly not make it difficult for you if you are a good shooter. If this is the first time you join this shooting game, this Knock Em All game will train you from ignorant to master shooter. No need to move or do anything, just focus on shooting the target's head to complete the mission.

Points to note when shooting

You have to shoot at the right position of the head of these puppets. Other positions will not take down the opponent and also drain your strength and bullets. Making a hit on the first shot is the starting point, always keep that in mind. The puppets have no emotions, simply controlled in the center of their brain. Shooting down the control system in the brain will make them no longer control and attack you.

Upgrade the gun

Once every 5 levels you should upgrade your gun to complete the goal faster. Later levels will be more difficult and the puppets will become stronger and stronger. You don't just keep a gun with low stats. Upgrade Strength, Power, and Fire rate is essential. Also, every time you get to a certain level unlocks new weapons. Use it to innovate and see its features.

How to control

Using the aim point control pointer