Bloxd Io

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Bloxd Io is a virtual universe that frees your imagination and empowers you to build, explore and conquer. A game no likes any other game you've played before.

Build your own world in Bloxd Io

A common feature that you will see in Incredibox and Bloxd Io is the self-building genre, helping you freely and satisfy your imagination to create your own world. In this dynamic online multiplayer game, you are the master architect of your own destiny. Equipped with an arsenal of building blocks, you have the power to shape the landscape and construct awe-inspiring structures limited only by your imagination. From towering skyscrapers to intricate mazes, fantasy castles to futuristic cities, the possibilities are endless.

Create alliances to build an empire together

This game isn't just about building; it's about forging new connections and embarking on thrilling adventures. Collaborate with friends or make new alliances as you navigate through the vast virtual world. Team up to tackle challenging quests, solve mind-bending puzzles, or engage in epic battles against rival factions vying for dominance.

Continuous and automatic updates of new features

What sets this game apart is its ever-evolving nature. The game constantly introduces new features, updates, and surprises to keep you engaged and enthralled. Uncover hidden secrets, stumble upon mysterious realms, and unlock rare items as you delve deeper into the boundless universe of Bloxd Io.

Express your unique style and personality by customizing your avatar with a vast array of fashionable outfits, accessories, and cosmetic enhancements. Stand out from the crowd and let your creativity shine as you become a trendsetter in the Bloxd Io community.

How to control

  • Movement: Use the WASD or arrow keys to move your character in different directions.
  • Camera Control: Move your mouse to adjust the camera angle and view your surroundings.
  • Building: Use the mouse to select building blocks from the toolbar or inventory and click to place them in the game world.
  • Interactions: Click on objects or characters to interact with them, perform actions, or activate in-game features.
  • Menu Navigation: Use the mouse to navigate menus, select options, or customize settings.