Rope Skipping

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Rope Skipping with 3D people in Rope Skipping

Compete with 3D people to jump rope with other opponents in Rope Skipping. You will enter the fight jumping rope with many other opponents. Jump rope until all opponents fall.

A war of skipping rope has no end until the last person who does not fall rope is found. You play as a 3D person jumping rope with other opponents. If in fact, skipping rope with others creates harmony and does not let anyone leave the skipping group. But this game is the opposite, competing with other jumpers, whoever stays to the end, does not fall by the jump rope is the winner.

The battle will not stop when a winner is found. You will compete with your opponents in any terrain, from the ground, restaurants, boats, etc. Collect and win many matches to buy items in the shop.

How to play

At the beginning of the game, you and other opponents are waiting for the rope to come to jump over. When the rope comes clockwise from left to right, click the mouse to control the character to jump. If you jump too late or don't jump, you will be stopped from the game. Opponents like you, try to jump rope to the end but sometimes they neglect and are eliminated from the game, you should try to stay to the end to become the one who does not fall.