The Impossible Quiz

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Solving tough questions in The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz is a game that challenges your brain. Unlike the normal answer, you have to expand the other type of answer to correctly answer this game.

The normal brain challenge game is too boring and you want to find some new things. That the reason why you should try this game. You will answer in an unusual way because the question itself is not normal. Choose one of the 4 answers given or not, because it is not certain that the answer is in the answer, it is in the question itself. It is important that you are alert enough or if you are not sober, you can choose randomly until you are right.

You only have 3 lives. One wrong sentence will be deducted one life. Losing all 3 lives is game over and you have to start over. The game has no hints, so if you can't use your brain, you can try again and again.

Challenge in with more than 100 questions in The Impossible Quiz

The game has more than 100 questions with twisted ways of asking, sometimes you don't even understand what it asks. When your intellect does not help you, click around until you find the answer. Invite friends to play with you, having a support person will reduce you having to play again. Solve challenging conundrums in this game.

Some spoilers for the first 10 sentences

  1. Four
  2. No, but a tin can
  3. K.O
  5. Move your mouse out of the game, then back to "Next question"
  6. Shallots
  7. An elephant
  8. Find the green tick
  9. Top right 'THAT ONE'
  10. Dentures

List of players who completed the questions

There are very few people on my list who can completely complete the questions because they are not normal questions. Many people can not play patiently complete 100 questions because wrong 3 times you will have to play again from the beginning.