Dinosaur Game

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Go with the dinosaur endlessly in the Dinosaur Game. Our lovely dinosaur is moving forward, where there is no stopping if it does not hit the cactus.

Origin of the game

This game always appears when your computer or phone is offline when using Google. This is the exclusive unit that owns this game and it keeps you entertained when your computer is not connected to the internet. For the purpose of entertainment for the unfortunate while using Google. Now, the game is recreated to help you review your memories or simply you are looking for a simple game that does not need to be manipulated too much.

Specific about the game

The game with objects is very simple. Includes dinosaurs and large and small cacti. With simple colors of white and black suitable for those who do not like the game too colorful.


Entering the game, the dinosaur will run forward. What you need to support the dragonfly is to jump on the obstacles in the way of the dinosaur on its way. You will encounter large and small cacti. Stay away from it and always be on the lookout for the jump.

Speed of movement

The speed of the game will get faster and faster. Starting, you will feel the dinosaur's walking speed is too slow. But do not be subjective because at a certain point, the speed goes so fast that you cannot turn back. In addition, the cactus also appear more and the distance they are also closer makes you can finish the game.

Steps record

Each play is a record of how many steps you have walked. Break the previous record to increase the number of steps you have taken.