Moto X3M

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Race motorcycles in Moto X3M. Take control of a motorcycle, pass various levels with obstacles and hazards. Landing at the destination beautifully.

Moto X3M game levels

There are 25 levels in all and each level is a different terrain with different obstacles which will become more and more dangerous, making the way to the finish line more difficult. But don't worry too much or give up easily, enjoy the game as comfortably as you can.

Let's overcome all challenges to reach the finish line with the character

Start with the game. You are at the starting line, move your motorcycle quickly and go forward. Be on the lookout for obstacles that could put your life at risk. Slow down and try to overcome obstacles with slow speed. Once you are sure there is no danger, back down to create momentum for your motorcycle to fly into the sky. Your car will not easily fall off the road frame if you suddenly slow down, when going through an arc and a 180 degree turn, accelerate to avoid flying off. Arrow keys left and right to move up, backward. Space key to create momentum to fly up.