Bouncy Bacon

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Bouncy Bacon's Pig Crossing Challenge

With the pig overcome all challenges in Bouncy Bacon. Navigate the pig across the road without encountering any obstacles or obstacles. Race against other players to reach the top with the highest score in this game's list.

Way to play Bouncy Bacon

The pig struggled not knowing how to cross the busy road and your mission is to support the pig to move forward. Stay away from oncoming vehicles and try to rush towards you. Move with the up arrow key or W key to move up. Move left and right with the left and right arrow or the AD key.

The pig's journey will never end. It only ends when you hit an obstacle. Try to go as long as possible for your placement order. To be able to go long, limit moving to the sides and continue in a straight line.

Areas to go through

Waterway area

When approaching the river, to cross this river, you need the support of logs and grass by the river. Don't let yourself fall into the water, because it will drown you.

Road area

In addition, be wary of cars moving on the road, there are fast cars and slow cars, quickly cross the road or go left and right to avoid being overtaken by other vehicles.

Railway area

Also, you will need to go through the train line to go forward. Note when coming to the train line, there will be a sign of an upcoming train, quickly cross the road or wait for the train to pass.

Position rankings

Cross the street as long as you can. Remember, the list shows your location medals in the upper left corner of the screen. It will tell you where you are in the rankings. Become an expert crosswalk guide in this game. If you are a person who likes to compete for positions, you can also try Getting Over It, this game has a high rating from previous players for its difficulty. The latest record in recent times is 59,885s, can you surpass this number.