Subway Surfers Bali

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Subway Surfers Bali, one of the latest versions of the popular game series Subway Surfers World Tour. You continue your journey to escape from the tough guard with his fierce dog.

Explore the beautiful place of Bali

Bali is classified as a world-recognized place for its beauty. Imagine you are immersed in the Ubud monkey forest with its giant trees looming or the beautiful coastline with stunning views. Ancient and unique temples, worthy of world recognition. That's why the game series Subway Surfers World Tour chose for this tour.

Run away with street artist Subway Surfers Bali

On the main mission, you are the artist who paints beautiful works on the street walls in Bali. And again, you catch the annoying security guard with his ferocious dog chasing you again. And you have to run away from him before he teaches you a lesson. Move to avoid the obstacles that prevent you from escaping. Also don't forget to collect gold coins as much as possible in this endless escape.

You can unlock other characters as well as surfboards to increase the richness and attractiveness of the game. Use the coins you earn in a run to unlock them. Also, you need to complete the prizes, as they will give you keys to unlock secret abilities.

How to move

WASD or arrow keys to move

Use the surfboard to help you move faster with the Space key

Some necessary information

Platforms you can play

You can choose from Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, iPadOS, Harmony OS, Mac OS, Fire OS. These platforms need to be downloaded to play but with our website you don't need to download but can play directly.

Subway Surfers World Tour

Up to the present time, Subway Surfers has developed and designed in many famous landmarks around the world. Each experience is a different place. Discover the differences at landmarks in this Subway Surfers World Tour.