Crossy Chicken

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Crossy Chicken helps the adorable chicken cross the street full of traffic. Be careful with vehicles and don't let them collide the chicken. Your score in this running game will depend on your travel distance.

Help the chicken cross the road

The chicken is lost and needs to return to its home. However, due to too much traffic on the roads, he could not go alone. Help the chicken cross the road safely so that vehicles don't run over him. Consider the speed of traffic to successfully cross the road. Cross the road as quickly as possible to avoid being run over by vehicles.

Collect coins

During the crossing, don't forget to collect coins. The more coins you accumulate, the more you will be able to unlock other characters besides the chicken. Examples include chicks, pandas, elephants, and pigs. Each animal has a different coin level. Try to collect as many coins as possible to collect the remaining animals.

Cross the road as long as possible

The chicken needs to cross the road to return to its nest, but it is impossible to know how long it will take to get to the nest because first, you need to lead it safely across the road so as not to be run over by traffic. Successfully crossing the road many times will help you accumulate a large number of points. This score is used to evaluate how well you are ranked when competing with competitors around the world. Try to go as far as possible to reach the top of this game.

The game has no end

This is an endless game, with no end as long as you cross the road safely and don't get run over by vehicles or drown in the river. Be calm when crossing the street so that no traffic vehicle runs over you. The game will stop if you are run over by a vehicle or drown in a river.