Blumgi Ball

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Become a basketball superstar in Blumgi Ball

Perform a brutal dunk in the Blumgi Ball. Teleport your hero close to the ball, put it in the basket, score spectacularly, and become a basketball superstar in this game.

Challenge yourself in the many challenges in this game. Your main task is to choose the right position to hit the ball with the force of throwing so that the ball is facing the basket. Throw the ball into the basket with all your might, drawing the brutal path that leads the ball to the nearest and fastest basket.

Specifically about the game Blumgi Ball

In this game, you will enjoy and explore beautiful locations open mysterious errors leading the ball to where the basket is full of bright lights. To help you make a faster, more convenient throw, use a trampoline, deep pool, strong airflow, or a gate that sends the ball over obstacles. At the same time, destroy towers from wooden crates and throw balls to create leverage to shoot down annoying birds that are hindering and harassing you to the finish line.

Each time you pass the challenge and exceed the number required by the game, you will unlock a character. There are a total of 17 characters that need you to unlock, can you unlock all the characters in this game? The number of people unlocking all these characters is not much, are you one of the best in this game to do that? What are you waiting for, if you don't play right away?

New character unlock conditions

There are 17 mysterious characters that need to be unlocked. With the first character, you only need to reach 100/100 to unlock the frog character. With the second character, get 300/300 to unlock the bear character. And so are the other characters. Let's unlock all the characters in this game. Blumgi Rocket is also one of Blumgi's games, try it now.

Way to control

Mouse: Click the character. To aim and release the ball, press the left button, drag and hold the mouse to navigate the white arrow, and release to let the ball fly.

Mobile: Tap the character. To aim and release the ball, tap the trackpad or screen, drag your finger, and release it to move the ball.