Capybara Clicker

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Have free time with Capybara Clicker

Capybara Clicker is inspired by the social networking phenomenon of the adorable animal named Capybara. The fun of this game is creating many Capybaras.

Capybara Clicker is exactly what its name suggests, creating as many Capybaras as possible is the goal of this game. This is an idle game with simple gameplay and very simple operations. The important thing is to create as many Capybara as quickly as possible without any opponent being able to defeat them. You can also get some help to assist you in creating multiple Capybaras, it will also save you some time while you are away.

The helps

A list of helpers appears on the right side of the screen that will help you automatically create Capybara while you are away or help you create multiple Capybaras. To create many Capybara you can hardly do it alone, so choosing supports is the most useful thing. Trade the clickers you create for a buff. The more support you have, the more support you will expand and grow.

Competition within the community

This is a competitive game with a community of players. Through shares from many different social networks to compete together, find the person with the most clickers to register. You can also follow the list of players with the highest clicker counts saved in this game.

Inspiration for the game

Capybara is an adorable animal that belongs to the rat family. They are known to be friendly animals with many other animals, no matter what animals, including other adorable animals or animals that are considered scary like crocodiles. They create a lovely phenomenon among other animals, so Capybara is considered the "diplomacy" of the animal kingdom. Its friendliness combined with its lovely body makes many people unable to resist. Some places keep Capybara as pets because of its cuteness and of course, all have been licensed to keep them. Their friendliness is the highlight of the trend as well as a lot of interest.