Sushi Party

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Sushi Party takes you into the snake and sushi party. Start as a small snake, eat the food around you and eat snakes smaller than you when you get bigger

Sushi Party's match challenge

You are in the arena with other snakes. The goal of the snakes here is to eat sushi to grow up. At the beginning of the game you are a small snake, eat sushi to grow up and don't let the bigger snakes turn you into food. Avoid snakes bigger than you if you don't want to become their food. And don't forget that you can also eat smaller opponents and eating them will help you grow faster than you have to find sushi scattered on the battlefield of snakes and sushi.

The food

Sushi dishes are very diverse and it is distributed everywhere. Go to locations with plenty of food to make your snake more mature. The foods that you can see like sushi, tropical fruits and other snake droppings.

Big snake eats small snake

This is a competitive race to find the biggest snake, that's why you try to grow up to be able to become the biggest snake in the top list of players. You will quickly grow bigger when you eat snakes that are smaller than you. They are the most delicious and easy food for large snakes. The more mature, the slower the movement and the more food required, eating smaller snakes is the best choice.

Inspiration of Sushi Party

The game is inspired by the Kawaii style, so you will see in the game bold images of Japanese culture. Compete with rivals and become one of the highest scorers in the player list. In addition, you can also play with two player mode, invite friends to play together to increase the fun atmosphere. With two player mode, player one uses the arrow keys and player two uses SEDF to move his snake. Same old rule, eat sushi and opponents smaller than you and avoid opponents bigger than you. A never-ending race is also shown in Getting Over It.