Gorilla Tag

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Gorilla Tag transforms into a gorilla along with other competitors. Climb, jump through the forest. Avoid being caught by your opponents and tag other players.

Overview of Gorilla Tag

Game content

In this game, one player is chosen to be the gorilla and positioned in the center of the play area, while the remaining players form a line at one end.

The objective is to reach the other side without getting caught by the gorilla. Once a player is caught, they become the new gorilla and gameplay continues. The game session concludes when the gorilla catches the last player.

Players can run, jump, and climb to avoid being tagged. It's important to stay vigilant and mark enemies who may try to surprise attack from unexpected directions.

How to control the Gorilla

To perform actions such as climbing trees and swinging from vines during the hunt, you can use a keyboard and mouse or a gamepad to control your character. If you're new to the game, starting with Casual Mode is recommended as it allows you to practice using the keyboard for character control.

Game modes in Gorilla Tag

Single player mode

This game offers both single-player and multiplayer modes: The single-player mode is available in Casual Mode, which is mainly for private lobbies and socializing without any tagging involved. In this mode, players can freely explore the map, interact with others, and practice using the keyboard and mouse.

Multiplayer mode

Infection Mode: A Lava Monkey chases the other players, and if caught, they become a Lava Monkey as well. The match will end when everyone is captured.

Hunt Mode: Each player has a secret target to track while evading being hunted themselves. A customized hunt watch provides information about the target's color, cosmetics, name, and distance. The Ice Gorilla can hinder and slow down the remaining hunters. If caught, players transform into slower-moving Ice Gorillas. The round concludes when only two non-Ice Gorilla players remain.

Paint Brawl Mode: This mode involves a paintball fight between two teams. Participants employ slingshots to shoot paint at their adversaries. Each player has three balloons on their back, and when hit by a slingshot, one balloon pops. Once all balloons are popped, the player transforms into a Paint Gorilla. The round ends when all members of the opposing team become Paint Gorillas.