Tunnel Rush 2

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Tunnel Rush 2 is an exciting sequel to the popular Tunnel Rush game. The game brings an enhanced experience with new features, levels, and challenges.

Launch the plane in the tunnel

Fly the plane and launch the car in a tunnel. In this tunnel there are different obstacles and you need to avoid them to move forward. Go forward as fast as possible. However, the obstacles will not spare you, stay away from them if you do not want to stop the game.

Fly in the tunnel as long as possible

What you need to do is control the plane that is automatically moving forward to avoid obstacles in the tunnel. This tunnel is very long, so during the flight you will encounter one tunnel after another. The difference in the main vault is a color layer that changes after you complete a level. Each level is consecutive and differs only by a color layer. That means after you pass through that separation layer, the color of your plane will change to the same color as it.

Obstacles on the tunnel

You will have to face many obstacles in front of you while flying in the tunnel. These obstacles can be circular, cylindrical, ect blocks that hinder you from moving forward. Avoid them by moving your plane in the left/right direction you want to move. Look for openings in obstacles to get through them.

In addition, you can also crash into obstacles if the colors of the obstacle and your plane are the same color. Destroy them to fly forward. You should not be subjective when crashing into an obstacle that is not the same color as your plane if you do not want to stop the game.

Control plane

The plane automatically flies forward. One way to help it go longer in the tunnel is to avoid obstacles that try to hinder your plane. Move the plane left/right with the arrow keys.