Geometry Dash Lite

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Geometry Dash Lite is a rhythmic platformer that challenges players to navigate a series of neon-hued, obstacle-filled levels in time with the music.

Experience Unique Rhythms

You need to jump, fly and flip through levels, while also synchronizing your movements with the exciting background music. Controlling this game is very simple, just touch or hold the screen to perform actions. However, the timing of touches is important, adding an element of precision to the gameplay. Completing the challenge without making any mistakes is the goal.

With three levels corresponding to three different names, ranked in order of easy, medium, and difficult, it is very suitable for both inexperienced and experienced players. Choose the level that suits your ability and start the challenge.

Take a look at the highlights of Geometry Dash Lite

Jump and fly to each rhythm

The game is based on the rhythm of the song, requiring precision and quick reflexes. This is also a small suggestion for you to avoid unexpected obstacles.

Character customization

Before proceeding to the challenge, you can customize your character by changing a new color or skin. This adjustment will improve the game. If you choose the default mode, in each stage, the character will automatically transform into many different characters with different characteristics. Experience all types of characters in this game.

Practice mode

Besides the main challenge, you can use practice mode to hone your skills. The practice mode will be easier than the official challenge and is very suitable for people without too much experience.