Papa's Sushiria

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Become a reluctant sushi chef in Papa's Sushiria. Record orders and serve dishes that please customers. Make them look good to get more tips.

The plot of Papa's Sushiria

Matt is the lucky one to attend the opening day of his friend's sushi bar, a talented sushi chef. Matt was warmly welcomed on the opening day of the store and when he left, the chef accidentally broke the genius cat. The chef thought it had no effect until the next day, he did not find any customers. And the chef needs Matt to look after the store for him so he can go buy a new genius cat. Thus, let's start the journey of selling reluctant sushi.

The job of making sushi

Please record and follow the customer's request. If you are confused and have never made sushi before, don't worry because there is a helping hand to support you every step of the way. Do the right steps and make them look good to attract customers, giving you more tips. The important part in whether you get a lot of tips or not is based on careful, meticulous and beautiful presentation.

Choose the character you like

You can choose the character Matt or Clover or you can also customize according to your preferences by creating a new character with the name, appearance, and gender you want. You can freely choose because the game has countless styles and colors for you to choose.