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Assassinate the king in Murder!

Assassinate the king and ascending the throne in Murder. Kill the king in front of you and become the next king. Detect those who are also trying to assassinate you.

Specifically about the game Murder

The hit Murder game with the mission to assassinate the king and succeed the next throne. The king in front of you is wary of your every move. Take advantage of the king's blunders to assassinate him. If you are discovered by the king of your assassination, you will pay a very heavy price with your life. On the contrary, if the assassination is successful, you will be the next king. However, this kingship is also not easy to last. Since everyone wants to be the king, be wary of the actions of those behind you. Discover their shady actions and lock them in the prison.

At the top of the screen is the time you are crowned. As I mentioned above, even if you don't let anyone kill you, you will die of a heart attack. A journey to assassinate the emperor will begin again and have no end. Pay careful attention to the behavior of those after you and don't let them get their way. Enjoy this exciting assassination game.