Paper.io 2

14 votes 2.9/5

Occupy territory with a cube in Paper.io 2

Join with the Cube for territory in Paper.io 2. Expand your territory slowly if opponents whose territory is bigger than you. Touch the tail of your opponent with a smaller area to reduce the opponent.

An entertaining game with a lot of people. You appear with your own color. Move around the white area and make the pieces your own. Don't be too greedy to stretch your tail to quickly capture territory. You won't know your opponent will wait for your chance to slip and attack your tail.

Take the territory slowly when starting the game. You won't be able to know how much territory your opponent occupies, so start off lightly with a small territory. Don't move into larger territory than you and also don't let them overwhelm you by waiting to attack your tail when you let it slip too much.

When you reach a certain amount of territory, you will see your territory expand a lot. To see your coverage, the upper right corner of the screen shows you how you're doing.

Boldly bite the tail of your opponent smaller than yourself to reduce the area. The opponent's area will disappear and you have more space. Quickly take your opponent's place before another opponent approaches.

Once you've covered most of the screen's gaps, go into the gaps of each screen corner to cover most of the screen. Reaching that achievement makes you get a high score that not everyone can do. Put your name in the top list of people with the highest score.

How to control

Use your mouse to navigate the cube in the direction you want.