Run 2

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Run in endless space in Run 2

Run 2 is a game that runs continuously in space with no destination. Run and jump over areas that are not green and move fast if entering a cracked tile area.

Your task in this game is to navigate the aliens moving along the road built with large concrete blocks. Jump over any unexpected gaps in the path in front of you, or rotate the entire three-dimensional route 90 degrees. Limit going into the yellow concrete squares because that is the area where the cells are about to break, if you go through and unfortunately will fall off the main yard and you will die. Join the aliens to find the destination. Go as far as you can.

Run 2's attributes

You can buy and unlock new characters. You will wonder if these characters lose money to unlock, but there are no gold coins during the trip. To have gold coins to unlock new characters, you must complete the objectives and requirements of the game in the Achievement section. Complete any item you will get bonus.

In addition, you can also compete in the competition to go further with opponents in Infinite Mode. Here, you will test your ability to go far. If you go further, you will see your name in the top list of the furthest people. Be one of the people with the highest score to make everyone admire.

How to control

Space to Jump, Arrowskey to Left / Right