Suika Game

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Description of Suika Game

Suika Game is also known as Watermelon Game or Merge Fruit. It is an entertaining game with simple gameplay of merging small valuable fruits into large valuable fruits. Among them, watermelon is the most valuable fruit.

Match all the fruits together

This is a casual puzzle game where the goal is to combine and merge different fruits to create new and more valuable fruits. You will start with cherries. Merge two cherries to create a strawberry. Two strawberries make one grape. Just merge one after another until you create a watermelon.

Select the merge location

There are a lot of fruits arranged and lying on a tray. The mechanism of this game is how to make two similar fruits touch each other to create a larger fruit. You can choose to use the fruit given above to fall to the exact fused position you want or use it as a link to connect the fruits below as you wish.

There are a lot of fruits created in the tray. Try to merge as many valuable fruits as possible. Have you wondered that creating one watermelon is very normal, but if you create many watermelons and make them pair together, what will they create?

Some tables that you need to pay attention to

The table on the right is the number of values a fruit produces to add one point to your total score. It will be scored when you merge into a fruit with greater value. The more valuable fruits you create, the higher your total score.

The table on the left is the list of people with the highest total score by week. You can compete with them and find yourself an admirable total score. Clear the deck and replace your opponent's score with yours by surpassing their total score.

Suika Game is a fun merge game for all ages. With eye-catching images, cute characters and vibrant sounds, you feel like you've renewed yourself. Experience this game and be captivated by its charm.