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Coreball combines elements of arcade gameplay and skillful precision. Navigate balls throwing towards a spinning Core Ball in the center of the screen.

Successfully complete the ball shooting challenge

The challenge lies in avoiding contact with other balls attached to the Core Ball while successfully completing each level. You need to react quickly to throw the ball because the ball in the center will rotate in a circle but there is no fixed direction or specific speed. This is also a big challenge that can cause players to get distracted and make unnecessary mistakes.

Key features in Coreball

  • Simple concept: This game follows a simple concept where you click anywhere on the screen to launch a dot towards the large spinning circle known as the Core Ball. The goal is to avoid touching spikes or other small obstacles while making your way towards the Core Ball.
  • Increasing difficulty: The game offers over 91 levels, with more being added regularly. As you progress, the levels become more challenging, requiring precise timing and accuracy to complete.
  • Skill and reflexes: This game is designed to test your reflexes and targeting skills. You need to have quick reactions and adapt to the fast-paced environment to succeed. It's a game that is easy to start playing but difficult to master.

Prepare to test your patience, reflexes, and precision in Coreball. Click, throw, and navigate your way through levels while avoiding obstacles and aiming for the Core Ball. Can you reach the top of the leaderboard and become a Coreball champion? Give it a try and see how addictive and challenging this game can be!