Dadish 2

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Become a radish hero

Dadish 2 is designed with classic, colorful graphics. Become a hero to save the hiding baby radishes from the pesky rats and bring them home safely.

Rescue baby radishes

You are a big radish and have a lot of experience fighting those annoying rodents. That's why it's difficult for the mouse to notice you. Instead, they switched to a smaller target, attacking vulnerable little mice. You must fight against these rodents to protect your fellows now.

Work to be done

Your task is to collect the baby radishes that are hiding in many different locations, gather them all, and bring them back to your home. Hiding is not a safe solution for baby radishes because rats can appear anywhere, so as a hero, quickly bringing them to your home is safe. most complete.

Go through the nooks and crannies to find baby radishes, you need to jump over obstacles and get to where each baby radish is hiding. There will be some difficulties for you when you cannot jump over the obstacles, but don't be discouraged and keep jumping until you can successfully jump over the hurdles.

You don't know in advance how many baby radishes are hiding, so you have to search every corner to find them. Carefully check all the places you pass so you don't miss anyone. The game ends when you find all the hidden radishes.

Control the radish

Navigate the radish to move left/right with the left/right or A/D arrows. Jump with the Space button, and press Space multiple times to jump farther for distant obstacles.


Find the baby radishes quickly or else the rodents will eat the baby radishes. Being a hero doesn't allow you to do that. Don't hesitate any longer, act now! Besides, do not forget to check out Tallman Run which is an awesome running game on our website.