Tallman Run

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Tallman Run has a fairly simple gameplay but no less attractive. Help the stickman achieve his goal of defeating the giant puppet ahead. Upgrade and refresh yourself to easily take on multiple challenges.

Help the stickman complete the goal

At the beginning of the game, you will control the stickman so that he enters the boxes that help him increase the area or height. By clicking on the person and moving. Another clicker game you can try in Getting Over It. On the way there will be obstacles that cause him to reduce the area or height. Quickly complete the challenge to reach the end of the road. The area and height of the stickman will assess how much the reward is.

A giant puppet is waiting for you ahead. Defeating him will give you an extra bonus for defeating the Boss. But to do this, you must first overcome the obstacle of the resistance levels before it.

Upgrade yourself

To get more wins, upgrade yourself by speeding up, increasing height, increasing body area. The higher the level, the higher the difficulty of the game will increase, and for the purpose of completing the mission excellently, upgrading yourself is essential.

Shopping at the store

Spend the money on renewing yourself by buying new Body and Head. You can see an unique character after changing.

Tip to win every level

Move your character into green or blue things. Avoid and limit going to places marked with red because they will reduce your area and height. When both factors are not guaranteed, it is difficult for you to get high bonus points. Move flexibly to collect all the green things.