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Archery is a popular video game that simulates the sport of archery. You need skill, precision, and timing to hit the bullseye or achieve high scores.

Hit the target in the bull's eye

The primary gameplay mode involves shooting arrows at targets. The targets may be stationary or moving, and they can vary in size, distance, and placement. Hit the center of the target, usually referred to as the bullseye, to score the highest points. The game provides feedback on your accuracy and precision for each shot.

Control the aim and release of the arrow using various input methods, such as mouse movements, touchscreen gestures, or controller inputs. The game offers different types of bows and arrows with unique characteristics, such as different draw strengths or arrow speeds, which can affect your accuracy and distance capabilities.

Adjust and unlock features

Archery offers a sense of progression and reward systems. As you play and achieve goals, you can unlock new levels, equipment upgrades, and customization options for your archer's appearance or gear. This adds depth and motivation to the gameplay experience.

Immersive environments in this game

Archery provides visually appealing and immersive environments. You find yourself shooting arrows in serene forests, ancient castles, or challenging outdoor settings. These environments also offer dynamic elements like weather changes or moving targets to increase the gameplay variety and difficulty.

How to control the Archery

Observe the bull's eye, look at the aiming point of the bow. When the plus sign in the aiming point coincides with any position of the bull's eye, immediately shoot it. If you want a higher score, you need to aim slowly and carefully so you can shoot at the center of the bull's eye. Note that the closer it is between your arrow and the center of the target board, the higher your score is.