Bee Connect

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Find the biggest number in Bee Connect

A mind game about numbers in Bee Connect. Match 4 hexagons with an identical number to make a bigger number. Merge the numbers into the highest number you can match.

With the inspiration from the beehive consisting of hexagonal cells fused together, giving you a sweet feeling like the bee in its own hive. Eye-catching images, vibrant sounds will make players more excited.

The way of the game Bee Connect

The game at first glance is quite similar to the typical 2048 game but the mechanics are a bit different. If the usual 2048 game, you only need to merge two identical numbers to make a larger number, then this game requires you to be a bit intellectual.

Merge 4 identical numbers into a bigger number. Keep doing this until there is no space left in the frame and the game is over. Merge the numbers into the biggest number you can get. Use your wisdom in this sweet game full of honey.

More numbers will be added to the hive if a different number is moved. Stuck numbers cannot be moved, so move them carefully and wisely.

How to move

Move the number to the cell position you select with the mouse