Brain Test 2

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Tough puzzle adventures in Brain Test 2

Brain Test 2 is a brain training game where you can learn many new things. There are many difficult tasks that require your logical thinking and ingenuity.

With image hints and detailed walkthroughs, you can easily solve all the puzzles. This game is the sequel to the highly popular game Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles. It offers a variety of random tasks that require you to think outside the box, shake your phone, find hidden objects, solve math problems, and more. The game progressively becomes tougher, making it one of the most challenging trick-question games available.

The game introduces different adventures, each with its own set of levels. Prepare to be captivated by mind-twisting puzzles accompanied by colorful characters and engaging storylines. From helping Tom the Cat defeat the Lion King to cultivating a farm with Emily, hunting monsters with Joe, and ultimately overcoming microbes, there are countless exciting challenges awaiting you.

Some more information

This game can be played online for free. It has received 1025 player votes with an average rating of 4.01. The game was released in September 2021 and is available on various platforms, including web browsers for PCs and Android/iOS for mobile devices.

Immerse yourself in the world of Brain Test 2 and get ready to exercise your brain while having a great time.