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Sort to a single color

Chroma is an interesting game about mixed colors in a frame. Turn messy colorful small squares into a single color. Note the limited number of moves before starting the challenge.

Small squares are arranged into a large square with many different colors in it. Your task is to bring the colorful squares to a single color. To do this is not too difficult, but it will be difficult when you are only limited to a given number of moves. Before starting the task, see in advance how many moves you are given to allocate the number of moves. Make sure the squares are the same color and within a limited number of moves.

Unified method

Select one of the colors indicated at the bottom of the screen. Then, the first box on the left will change color when you select any color. Select the color closest to the first converted color. Choosing the color that comes into contact with the converted color in the greatest number will help you quickly complete the task with the fewest moves.

The corresponding number of moves

You will be given the number of moves needed to perform the task. The number of moves affects how many stars you get. Using less moves will keep three stars, using more moves will gradually reduce the number of stars. If you run out of moves and still can't complete the task, you need to try again until you pass it.

Countless challenges

The more levels you complete, the more exciting the game becomes. The difficulty increases gradually with the appearance of some objects such as black squares that cannot change color, collect keys to unlock yellow squares.