Climbing Over It

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In Climbing Over It, challenge the characters in the pot with a typical pickaxe. The characters have no legs and are confined in a pot. Climb to the top of the mountain without stopping with the highest score you can earn.

Moving tips make the game less difficult

A tip to not fly to the location you have passed depends on your Mouse skill. Instead of moving the pickaxe hook the items and move it. You just need to click the mouse, the pickaxe will automatically move the pickaxe from left to right, hook on objects and climb up. Hold down the mouse to create momentum for the character to jump up. Instead of having to difficult to move the pickaxe into the object, just clicking and holding the mouse to let the character go forward will make it easier for you to play.

Features of the game Climbing Over It

Sometimes you play the game can get inhibited and go crazy having to climb back to the current position. That is also part of the challenge of the game. It also trains you to be the most consistent as well as to plan your moves carefully so that you don't have to return to your current position.

There are seven characters that you can choose from. One of the typical characters representing the game is President Donald Trump. Surely you can notice. In addition, you can also choose other characters to play this game.

Set a record for yourself in the number of meters you have covered. Are you curious that this climbing game never ends and what its ending looks like. Play and find out for yourself.