Crazy Birds

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Crazy Birds is a redesigned version of the original game called Angry Birds. The original game requires downloading, but you don't need to do that in this game.

Defeat the hateful pigs

The hateful pigs have an evil purpose towards the birds, which is to steal the eggs with the desire to turn the eggs into food. Knowing the pigs' evil intentions, the birds cannot sit still so they can fulfill this wish. Give the pigs a life-long lesson and make them unable to come to the birds' territory anymore.

By using slingshots, replacing stones with birds to attack the pigs' territory, causing them to be injured and disappear is the task you need to do. To be able to shoot down successfully, you need to adjust the bird's position accurately. Consider the standing position of the bird and the force of the shot so that when the bird is launched, it will land in the exact position where the pigs are standing. You can attack directly if the pigs are not on guard or use wooden bars, rocks, etc. in the pigs' own territory as leverage to defeat them.

Sometimes you will feel that the pigs' base is difficult to reach, but if you observe carefully and have the right strategy, you can still create gaps in the pigs' base and defeat them.

Some other features about Crazy Birds

Functions of birds

In this game, many different types of birds will gather with different functions. The red bird's basic function is to launch once. The yellow bird has the function of launching at high speed. The black bird functions as a time bomb. There are also many different types of birds and you can slowly explore and have the right strategy.

Many different challenges

The game has many challenges for you. The challenge becomes more and more difficult as you go further, many obstacles as well as the increasing number of pigs are also difficult problems for you to solve. Use every ability to save the eggs and give the pigs a lifelong lesson.