Crazy Cars

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Car racing challenge in Crazy Cars

Race cars in 3D in the F1 track in Crazy Cars. Choose a car with high speed, accelerate on ramps, run at full speed on the track. Perform stunts and reach the finish line spectacularly.

Choose a high speed car with stable abilities, accelerate on thrilling ramps. Drive at top speed on the track, perform dangerous tricks in racing competitions. Show your driving skills to make others admire and get your name in the top of those with the highest scores in the rankings.

Outstanding features of Crazy Cars

Collect every star, wrench and other items you can to get shiny new cars and upgrade your auto abilities. You can drive more than 17 different types of vehicles! Collect as many stars and wrenches to unlock these cars. Collect different car models to change and start a new match.

In addition, you can also play this game with your friend. Using the split screen feature, the two of you will compete against each other and the first person to finish is the winner. Let's have fun, play together this game. Will Crazy Cars satisfy his lust for speed?

How to control

Navigate player 1 with WASD, player 2 with Arrow keys

Brake with Space key

Reset with the R key