Crossy Road

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Crossy Road experience

Cross the road with the chicken in Crossy Road. Cross the road, avoid obstacles along the way and collect gold coins to unlock new characters. Become an experienced crosswalk in this game.

The typical mascot of the crosswalk genre game is the image of a chicken. Help the chicken cross the busy road, cross the river, and avoid the deadly train. At the beginning of the game, you will move the chicken forward without end. Cross the road full of cars and trucks before they hit you. At the same time, you also have to cross the river thanks to the logs floating on the water and the pieces of land that rise to the river. Move carefully because even if you fall into the river, you will drown. Also, when coming to the train tracks, pay attention to understand the signal of the train coming. With rocket movement speed, you will not be able to survive.

Note, in addition to you having to cross the road full of traffic, the river, and the train line, a wall at the bottom is trying to get close to you. If you don't move fast, you will be caught by the eagle. Take the right steps.

Characters featured in Crossy Road

On this never-ending road, you should also collect a lot of gold coins because it will help you unlock other characters. There are 5 mysterious characters waiting for you to unlock. 4 characters are not too strange such as robot, cat, bird, or snail. The last character is the most special character of this game. Try to collect gold coins to unlock this character. The number of people opening this animal is not much. Are you one of the lucky ones to own it?

Some interesting about Crossy Road

Platforms that you can play

There are many platforms that you can play like Android, iOS, tvOS, and Windows Phone. Currently, this game has been updated and improved in the new platform, the website. You can play without having to download and easily play anywhere, anytime on our website. All the exciting games can be played on our website Getting Over It is one of our standout games.

The origin of the game

The game was developed by Hipster Whale, the Australian developer, and inspired by the sentence "Why did the chicken cross the road?". In fact, the chicken is a metaphor image of human crossing the road.