Dance Battle

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Dance to the music in Dance Battle

Dance Battle is video game that simulate dance competitions or battles, where players can showcase their dance moves and compete against each other or AI-controlled opponents. Dance to each rhythm, coordinate well with the other characters to become the perfect couple or dance better than your opponent.

Like Goose Game, this game allows you and your friends to have fun together. The game programs the melodies above to fall and a circular button below the gray screen to stay stationary. You need to press at the right time when the melody from above falls on the right round button at the bottom of the screen. Complete the song and get maximum points. You will compete with a random second character given by the game, and dance with that character so that both of you become a good dancing couple.

Features in Dance Battle

Choose your character

Some available characters are displayed before starting, so you can choose one of them to play. They have different characteristics and different religions. Choose the character you want. In addition, you can also adjust the character according to your wishes. Some adjustments to hair, clothes, accessories, gender along with multiple colors. Design the character you want or choose a version that looks like you in the game.

Select song

The songs in this game are taken from famous songs that many players feel familiar with. Immerse yourself in the music, listen to each beat and dance to them. The game offers a variety of songs from various genres, including pop, hip-hop, electronic, and more. Players can choose their favorite song to dance to.

Calculate song completion score

The game evaluates the player's performance based on accuracy, timing, and execution of jumps. Points are awarded for correctly matching moves, and feedback is provided to help players improve their performance.