Debbie's Diner Derby

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Debbie's Diner Derby helps Debbie, a food server wearing roller skates, bring food to customers without hitting any places to drop food.

Serve food to customers with Debbie

Debbie is a lovely mouse who works as a food server at a restaurant. He is very special when he wears a red uniform and roller skates. However, the floor is very slippery and can fall at any time. Help him bring food to customers without dropping the food.

Put on roller skates and perform service work

Start your service job by going to the customer, receiving the food the customer orders, then going to the kitchen counter to pick up the food and bring it to the customer. The step of bringing food to customers is the most difficult because the floor is very slippery and Debbie wears roller skates. If you move too fast, the food will fall and the customer won't be able to eat it, so you have to work hard to bring it to customers. food again. The job seems very easy to do but it is not that simple. It may take you a lot of time to complete this task.

Probation for twenty days

Serving work will be done in twenty days, this is also the number of days you try to become an official employee of the restaurant. The first day will be challenging serving three customers, the following days will have more customers, requiring you to work quickly but no less carefully so as not to lose too much time.

Target receives stars

Is the number of stars you want to achieve? If you want to get three stars, complete the mission quickly and don't let any mistakes cause you to lose too much time. The longer it takes to complete the challenge, the more you will lose your advantage and receive fewer stars. Please serve carefully so as not to make mistakes. In Getting Over It, you also need to have patience as well as carefulness in the moving process to reach the game's destination. You can also learn about patience and meticulousness through these games.